5 Japanese Photographers You Need to Know

In his work, he’s sought a conscious merging of politics and art. Born in France, he was deeply impacted by the social and political お宮参り 写真 広島 unrest that occurred in Paris in 1968. Harley Cowan is a photographer and practicing architect based in Portland, Oregon.

Within Shinjuku there are a number of small alleys offering an insight into old Tokyo, where cosy bars and izakaya can serve only a few people at a time. Head for Omoide Yokocho to photograph a tiny lantern lined alley of Izakaya restaurants…just be weary that if you’re taking photos, you’re probably in the way because this alley is really, really small. Snap quickly and you’ll be fine but also be respectful of others privacy if they don’t want to be included in your photo.
Sugimoto is one of the most well known, contemporary photographers of today. Hamaya was the first Japanese photographer to join the Magnum Agency . He is considered to be one of the most eminent Japanese documentary photographers of the 20th century.

Hiroshima Prefecture suffered more than 3,000 deaths and injuries, about half the national total. More than half the bridges in the city were destroyed, along with heavy damage to roads and railroads, further devastating the city. The region where Hiroshima stands today was originally a small fishing village along the shores of Hiroshima Bay.
OKAYAMA Okayama Prefecture is located in the southern area of Japan's main island. It is famous for being the "land of sunshine" with the characteristics of having less rain and cloudy days compared to other areas of Japan. The local people are friendly and filled with smiles, and possess unique perspective and knowledge in business, making the city famous for its commercial industry. NAGOYA Standing its position as one of the largest and major cities of Japan, Nagoya is the center of government, economics, culture, and transportation of middle Japan. Chances are you were searching for a wedding photographer in Hiroshima and found us here.

When I first photographed in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in 1994, I wasn’t sure what I’d find or if I’d be allowed to photograph freely. However, the trip proved highly productive and I was left feeling there was much more to see and photograph. Jame Crnkovich is a photojournalist who has chronicled the influence of nuclear weapons on the American psyche.
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A few weeks after the bombing, the American military confiscated all of the post-bomb newspaper prints and Japanese newsreel footage, "but they didn't ask for the negatives," Matsushige said, grinning like a cat. These were the pictures that caused a stir worldwide when they appeared in Life magazine seven years later, breaking a press ban. No photographic images of Nagasaki taken on Aug. 9 are known to have survived. 71 years have passed since the last World War—since Hiroshima was bombed.

So let's take a look at 7 Japanese photographers that you need to know. We hope we left you feeling inspired by these Japanese photographers. While they were all exceedingly talented and skilled, we believe that it was their lived experiences that fuelled their passion to photograph and document, hence creating a beautiful body of work with stories to tell. He began work by documenting Tokyo as an aeronautical photographer, and then as a freelance photographer for magazines in the 1930s. Later on, he took an interest in photographing the remote prefectures of Japan and its people, recording their lives and the surrounding landscape.

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