The Best EDC Knives Of 2020

Shop our miscellaneous folding everyday carry knives for Arc-lock knives, wheel-lock knives, slide lock knives, griplok knives., and more. People are always looking for a good deal, but are willing to pay more for quality.” Kunkler said $100 is the upper end of the price limit for most people looking for an EDC knife, whereas most knife enthusiasts are willing to spend two to three times that amount.
The Shark is a cool Everyday Carry (EDC) knife in black and silver. And has a total length of 3.3 inches this knife is cool, compact and Best Folding Tactical Knife easy to carry. SOG Knife Company has a great mechanism and some innovative designs with their assisted opening folding pocket knives.

I'm not so sure I'd put my money on this lock being even close to the AXIS lock, however, with this price tag in mind, I'd say this is the best locking mechanism on the market under ninety bucks and is certainly better than what most other knives offer in this price range.
Deep Draw: Striking an elegant position between fast deployment and the ability to virtually disappear into a pocket, the Zoom's assisted opening mechanism will bring the AUS-8 steel out in a flash and secret it away with nothing more than a little wrist english.

Whether you consider yourself a present-day MacGyver who can defuse any situation with a multi-tool or you're just looking to have access to a useful piece of gear when the circumstance presents itself, we have assembled a selection of the best pocket knives that run the gamut of price and features.
If you've read the reviews on the other Spyderco knives that we like, such as the Tenacious, then you'll be familiar with the form factor found here with the Delica 4. You get that familiar triangular drop point style blade with the oversized Spyderco hole punched.
We were pleased to see the Speed Safe system, which enhances the opening mechanism and makes the whole operation of opening and closing a breeze to do. There is also an additional tip lock, which is there to prevent the blade's opening while the model is inside your pocket.

Figuring out what metal to buy can be very confusing and although many of the top brands offer a plethora of different knives to choose from, brands in my experience tend to stick to a specific metal or maybe just a couple, while there are actually tons of different metal options to construct a blade out of. I'll try and outline the most popular metals used in EDC pocket knives below but for your sanity and the health of my fingers, I won't be able to list each and every metal type possible.
And that becomes all the more apparent when you take into account its construction: a simple single-piece handle made from your choice of brass or iron (of which both will age beautifully and uniquely) and a reverse-tanto blade crafted from legendary blue paper steel.
All in all, we can say that the buyers of the CRKT Squid are getting a lot of good things for a low price - even though this EDC folding knife has a full metal construction, it still feels great to use it. Its careful design was a big surprise for us.

The product of our choice would definitely be the Spyderco Paramilitary 3 - even though it's more expensive than the other models, it brings unmatched quality, design, and the performance, and is surely one of the best models that we've ever reviewed.
If your job or lifestyle requires you to need a sharp blade more than 10 times a day, you should upgrade to a work knife or multitool, not an EDC pocket knife. And features an ergonomically contoured and perfectly balanced handle so you can be sure of a smooth, tight grip.

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